Our scheduled missions to Mexico are cancelled due to COVID restrictions, but Liga is still helping the local Sinaloa people. Here’s how you can help! 


We received word that our people are struggling more than usual. Prior to COVID, people from many villages worked near the border and sent funds back to the villages. Most of these people have lost their jobs, as have those in the service industry in the El Fuerte area. 


There are no food banks or other safety nets in northern Sinaloa, especially for the indigenous in rural villages. Prior limited government funding has dried up, and no international organization has a presence in the area. 


We have a trusted and organized ground support in El Fuerte and San Blas areas that, starting in November 2020,  distributed huge boxes of nutrient-dense foods to 1,500 people most in need, including the Tarahumara. Included in the boxes are adult and child vitamins, soaps, toothbrushes and paste.


Feed a family of five for pennies a day.

100% of all donations go directly to a family. Go here to make a donation now, send this link to your friends or post on social media  -

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