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LIGA Community Health Clean Water Team is part of Liga International, working primarily in communities within 100km of El Fuerte, Sin.


Dr. Janet Lapp


Janet has been volunteering with LIGA over 20 years, as a pilot, clinic coordinator, past-president and current Director of Community Health. She is a former Registered Nurse and currently Board certified in Neuropsychology.

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Tim Connole


Tim is a pilot, licensed contractor and design engineer who has participated in several foreign aid missions. He leads our design, construction and maintenance team and is one of our chief motivators. A Liga member/pilot since 2015 and a member of the Water Team since 2016. He is chief of construction/maintenance; sees that our Center is maintained and equipped. Tim was responsible for our beautiful truck and is a major energy source!

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Winnie Parish


A Liga member since 2005, past Coordinator of El Fuerte Clinic and Past-President of Liga and a member of the Water Team since 2015. She is part of our Education and Training program, translator, wise guide and supporter. Winnie became a Certified Trainer in 2018.

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Health professionals are always welcome to our team, especially Registered Nurses or Physicians with an interest in rural or community health.

Although our Phase I water project is complete, we welcome volunteers with expertise in engineering, water filtration projects, project management, translators, or those with an altruistic heart and helping hand.

Bianca Mettey


Bianca is a licensed pilot, with a base in both Los Angeles and Puebla, Mexico. Fluently bilingual, she is our trusted contact with local resources and coordinates our training efforts. She has been a Liga member since 2009 and a member of the Team since 2016. She is the lead for Education and Training, translator, cheerleader, and supervises the micro-finance program. Bianca is a Certified Trainer since 2018 and has spread the program to Puebla, Veracruz & beyond.

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Lonnie Roy


A pilot and civil engineer, Lonnie figures out how it all works makes it work right, and gathers and organizes our materials and equipment. He is our Chief Engineer and lead guitarist. A Liga Member since 2009 and part of the Water Team since 2016, Lonnie is a pilot and a Certified Trainer since 2018. He guides our water quality and design decisions; he is a Civil Engineer with expertise in civil/environmental engineering.

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Carlos Quintero

Local  - El Fuerte

Our Water Team Director (México) and Liga and water team member since 2015. Certified as Trainer in 2018 (Puebla) and re-certified in 2019 in Anacortes, WA. Carlos works to coordinate local efforts and volunteers and is responsible for supervising filter installation and water hygiene training.

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David Pepitone

Member of the Design, Construction, & Maintenance Team

Part of the active Design, Construction and Maintenance team and a Liga member since 2016. From Arizona, David is an ATP/CFII pilot and has been a Certified Trainer since 2019.

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Genaro Herrera Villavicencio

Engineer - El Fuerte

An Engineer from El Fuerte, has been a Liga member since 2019 and a Certified Trainer since 2019.

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Mitzue Zulema Lopez

Assistant to El Fuerte Council Gil Leyva Ortega

Assistant to El Fuerte Council Gil Leyva Ortega and has been a Liga member since 2019 and a Certified Trainer since 2019.

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Reese Ger


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A Liga volunteer since 2017, Reese has

worked in our clinic, operating room, and rural clinic as well as on remote projects (such as this website). She is a current pre-med student at Scripps college and an eager Liga Community Health intern.

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