The Clean Water Project is a cooperative effort to establish safe and clean water for the rural people of northern Sinaloa, México through the installation of Biosand filters in all villages. The people of rural Sinaloa are the indigenous Mayo and Tarahumara people who do not have any access to clean water; rather their only source of water is the highly contaminated Rio Fuerte. The Mexican government has no plans to assist these poor rural peoples, numbers in the tens of thousands. 


Compounding the issue is the current humanitarian crisis involving the Tarahumara of the Sierre Madre who have been driven from their homes by drug violence in the Copper Canyon area. Approximately 150 families have fled to our region of Sinaloa without food, shelter, clothing or access to clean water. They are not registered Mexican citizens and thus have no access to government aid of any kind.


The indigenous of northern Mexico are termed "The Forgotten People" because not only are they are not helped by their own government, they receive no attention from global assistance organizations. The water-borne disease rate is high, children are ill and cannot attend school. Although death rates are low, the incidence of Hepatitis A, and disorders resulting from e. coli contamination are high.


The objectives of this project are to treat all communities within a 100km range of El Fuerte, Sinaloa. This area ranges from the north in Choix, Sinaloa to Los Mochis in the south in Sinaloa, the area of highest concentration of indigenous Mayo and Tarahumara.


We estimate that the project will provide clean water for over 100,000 people in most small villages of northern Sinaloa. 


The project involves teaching the local people to test their own water quality, and water sanitation training. We have developed a train-the-trainer system of modules in health, hygiene and water sanitation which must be spread throughout the region along with the installation of filtration.


Costs for clean water for each village vary, but for the average 500 person village, these are the estimated costs, based on 100 filters per village.

$800     Two steel molds (can make 2 concrete filters per day so all filters can be produced within 1-2 months). When the steel molds are no longer needed, they can be moved to another village.


$650      Gravel (two sizes) and .71mm silica sand for filter  


$180      Water analysis

$290       Training classes, educational materials and videos

$800       Additional supplies for concrete filters (caps, receiving bottles, tubing, concrete materials) 

TOTAL PER VILLAGE $2,720 does not include transportation costs, local stipends if any, training development costs.

This means that over a 30-year lifespan of each filter, each man, woman and child (and pet) in the village can drink clean water for a cost of only .18 per year.

We are able to travel to other regions of México to hold training classes and to bring all materials with us. However, this involves costs of transport aircraft (BETWEEN $750 AND $1000), hosting of volunteer trainers, plus a donation to the Clean Water Project of $1,000USD.

Training is available every August in the United States through Clean Water for the World and through CAWST in various locations

Give a whole generation freedom from water-borne disease.


Only $25 will provide a working filter for 1-3 families for up to 30 years.

$3,000 will provide a whole village with clean water for up to 30 years. 

$100,000 will provide clean water and health education training for all of northern Sinaloa.

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