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Clean Water Project

The people of rural Sinaloa are the indigenous Mayo, Yaqui and Tarahumara people whose only source of water is the contaminated Rio Fuerte. Water-borne disease rate is high, children are ill and cannot attend school. The incidence of Hepatitis A, and disorders resulting from E. coli contamination are high.

The Clean Water Project is a cooperative effort to establish safe
water for the tens of thousands of people in rural northern Sinaloa, México through the installation of Biosand filters in all villages.

Community Health

Much of the population of northern Sinaloa lives in small, remote villages. The peoples who live here often do not have any access to healthcare. Our rural community health clinic initiative brings LIGA doctors out into the field–often quite literally outside in a gracious villager's yard–to provide much needed healthcare to both children and adults.

Micro-Loan Program

Liga Mujeres uses microfinancing in order to provide financial tools to women living in the small indigenous villages surrounding El Fuerte. Our microloans are interest-free, thanks to donations we receive for our microfinance program. Our program is based on prerequisites and basic principles that borrowers need to fulfill to receive loans.

Winter Lifeline

There are no food banks or other safety nets in northern Sinaloa, especially for the indigenous in rural villages. Prior limited government
funding has dried up, and no international organization work in the area.


We have a trusted and organized ground support in El Fuerte and San Blas areas that, starting in November 2020, distributed huge boxes of nutrient-dense foods to 1,500 people most in need, including the Tarahumara. Included in the boxes are adult and child vitamins, soaps, toothbrushes and paste.

Our Mission

Driven off their lands by the Spanish in the 15th century, the indigenous Mayo, Yaqui and Tarahumara tribes of northern Sinaloa have adapted and survived, although not without deprivation and discrimination. 

Liga Community Health is focused on disease prevention, health education and improvement of well-being all local people including these rural indigenous, or “the forgotten people.” We do that by providing means to clean water through our Biosand filter project, regular medical team visits, and health education. Our goal is to work cooperatively with these groups, sharing our expertise to further their autonomy.  


The Water Project grew growing rapidly from a test phase of 22 working filters in 2017 to a network of over 625 filters by the end of 2020, and over 1,500 working filters by 2019. 


The project requires a strong commitment to education and maintenance by the local people and the cooperation of organizations such as Rotary International the Lions Club.


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